3 Worker Safety and Productivity Tips for 2018

 When it comes to maintaining work safety in manufacturing and industrial operations, safety regulations and procedures can get quite complicated. In a work environment where machine and process safety are critical to protecting workers, enforcing easy-to-understand safety tips will be the most efficient way to achieve zero accidents. The key objective to maintain workplace safety is to achieve operational excellence without any production interruptions while keeping workers from getting harmed, or even hurting themselves.

3 Worker Safety and Productivity Tips for 2018


With the advancement of technology and globalization, there are fewer workers, but the challenges in the manufacturing industry remain the same, specifically, the concerns of safety and security.


Here are 3 helpful safety tips from Safeware:


1. Improve your company’s maturity on safety.


Safety maturity is made up of three things: behavior, the compliance of policies and procedures, and technology. Employees, whether they are in the office or out on the production floor, all need to be educated on these three things. Top performers in the manufacturer and industrial operations respect and adhere to the safety rules and regulations. EHS Today reported that a survey found 75 percent of industrial companies have recognized operational improvements with the use of advanced safety technology.


2. Make it a group/team effort to address and practice safety and security procedures.


It is critical to educate workers about the security risks that come with incorporating technology into the workplace. Oftentimes, enforcing safety regulations within the workplace can overshadow the importance of acknowledging what the intellectual property security risks are. Gathering employees together to educate them about such security risks is worth the time and effort. Once everyone in the manufacturing industry has a basic understanding about the impact cyber threats can impose to their company’s well-being, they will be inclined to take the necessary measures to prevent them from occurring and incorporate this train of thought into their routine work tasks. 


3. Incorporate machinery that’s ergonomic.


To ensure that your company is adhering to safety requirements is to incorporate machinery that is ergonomic. Whether you’re employing young and inexperienced workers or have aging employees who might be suffering from chronic injuries or repetitive stress, it’s important to have equipment that a diverse workforce can operate safely. This means hiring an engineer who can design a machine that reduces repetitive motion, lifting and any type of movement that would cause the body to be placed in an awkward position.


Learn More Safety and Productivity Tips with Safeware


There is a long list of safety production tips that can reduce workplace accidents and fatigue. If you are interested in learning all about them, contact a Safeware representative. We have helped clothe the military, law enforcement and first responders since 1979. Find out how we can help make your work environment safe with Safeware. Visit our website or call us toll free at 800-331-6707 today!

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