Top Back Support Belts for Home Improvement Companies

Over one million workers suffer back-related injuries each year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you work in home improvement you can easily be one of them! Doing any sort of heavy lifting without proper workwear can lead to these injuries. Back support belts are used whenever people have to move heavy objects without mechanical assistance. Protective equipment can help to support a worker’s back during other types of extensive physical activity, too.

construction worker lifting large piece of woodAround 20 percent of all workplace injuries can be traced to lifting. Technological advances in material engineering have helped vendors to design tougher belts over time, so there’s no reason people should have to suffer from these problems. Vendors generally gear each of their designs to a specific market. Warehouses, grocery stores, and airline baggage holds have all employed these belts in the hopes of preventing ergonomic stress. 

With contractors at a heightened risk of long-term back problems, home improvement companies, in particular, need special equipment to protect their employees. Safety equipment vendors answered the call by making back support belts that fit the bill for those restoring older homes.

Top Back Support Belt Options for Home Improvement Workers

Back Supports with Suspenders

Since they’re worn the same way that regular suspenders are, home improvement workers might find this style relatively easy to put on. Suspender back supports can be made from lighter materials, like nylon mesh, which may help those who need something that can breathe when doing strenuous work. Doing restoration work outside an older house can make someone feel hot and sweaty. Workers may be more likely to wear safety belts that don’t increase their level of discomfort under these conditions.

Economy Support Belts

black back support belt with suspenders on man A number of home improvement companies fall into the category of small businesses. These firms often have to work within tight budgets, but no one can afford to make cuts when it comes to the safety of their employees. Economy support belts are designed to meet specific price points without compromising build quality.

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High-Visibility Belts

neon yellow suspenders on black back support belt Poor visibility is one of the leading causes of roadside accidents. This is why construction and road workers wear reflective vests so motorists can see them even when there isn’t much light. High-visibility belts are designed the same way, but they also provide a level of protection for the wearer’s back and lumbar regions. These belts can help home improvement workers remain visible the same way vests help construction workers. Firms like Allegro Industries have sold these in larger sizes. Home improvement companies that use heavier vehicles need to be sure their crews are visible.

Extra Large Support Belts

Top Back Support Belts for Home Improvement CompaniesThis isn’t the only choice that contractors have if they need larger equipment, either. Like any wearable product, back belts come in different sizes because not all people are the same. Extra large support belts can accommodate larger waistlines as well as those who have to wear additional clothing under their belt. These belts are worn as the outermost layer of a contractor’s gear in many cases, which could make this a useful feature.

Adjustable Nylon Support Belts

Top Back Support Belts for Home Improvement CompaniesSome vendors, like Protective Industrial Products, make adjustable nylon belts that have extra lumbar padding. Many workers adjust right in the middle of the day, since their actions and moving around oftentimes loosens or shifts the belts.

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