Disposable Coveralls For Chemical and Radiation Facilities

Experts estimate that over 800,000 workers nationwide are exposed to unsafe levels of lead. This figure doesn’t include those exposed to cadmium, mercury, beryllium, chromium and other potentially dangerous heavy metals. These toxic compounds can cause organ failure after they get embedded in a worker’s bloodstream.

Are you sure that your current coveralls are enough to protect you or your employees if in facilities exposed to chemical or radiological contaminants? High-tech developments in the field of materials engineering have made sturdy disposable coveralls possible. When used with other pieces of protective equipment, these coveralls help to reduce the risk of exposure to toxic or radioactive substances. Hazmat conditions are disconcerting, but this kind of equipment can go a long way toward improving safety conditions in the workplace.

Ionizing radiation can be lethal if left uncontrolled. Those working with around it may need to wear a dense barrier with additional disposable gear over it.

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Different Types of Disposable Protective Coveralls


Elastic Personal Protection Suits

Keeping toxic chemicals at bay is easier when working with personal protection suits. These suits come with elastic bands for a better fit, and they are an effective way to keep employees safe without making them uncomfortable.

Coveralls that include boots and an attached hood can take the guesswork out of finding other pieces of equipment, too.

Particle and Aerosol Suits

Fires can produce aerosols that are every bit as irritating and far more hazardous suspensions. If you do any kind of work in an area where fires are common, then particle and aerosol suits can be worn over flame-resistant garments without increasing the chances of spreading fire any further.

Industrial and Waste-Rated Hazmat Suits

Perhaps the scariest thing about working in some facilities is that you might never know what you’ll come into contact with. Disposable coveralls designed to handle industrial Hazmat and waste cleanup must be able to handle a wide variety of chemicals. These are designed with a strong substrate that can hold up against many types of hazards you may come into contact with.

Comfortable Chemical Coveralls

Spending a day in a protective suit is often like spending a day in a sauna. They’re not usually associated with the pinnacle of comfort. Stress-resistant seams and tight-fitting elastic bands don’t have to be sticky, however. Some disposable suits are designed with comfort in mind while still maintaining a high level of resistance against damage from chemicals.

Large Disposable Coveralls

Any gap in an ill-fitting protective suit can be a point of entry for dangerous compounds. By wearing a set of large disposable coveralls, taller technicians or those who have to wear hefty undergarments can prevent gaps from forming.

Chemical Protective Suits

Caustic chemicals burn human flesh. A solid chemical protective suit with an attached hood can help reduce the risk of being exposed to these kinds of chemicals. They come in heavier weights than many other designs, but they’re still light enough to be comfortably worn in most work environments.

Shopping For and Choosing Disposable Chemical Coveralls

Literally hundreds of different chemical and radioactive compounds are used in the industrial and medical sectors. It might seem like there are just as many options when it comes to finding protective gear. You don’t have to be confused when trying to find what disposable suits work best for your needs and budget. Contact us on the web or give us a call at 1-800-331-6707 to speak with knowledgeable representatives from Safeware Inc. today.