Flotation Vests for Water Safety

Would your flotation vest will withstand the test and save peoples’ lives you are responsible for – including yours? Before anyone can save someone’s life, they have to be sure that their own is secure to avoid becoming a second casualty. The all-important flotation vests should not just meet the very basic standards, but surpass them. Flotation vests are one of the most common -and most important- personal flotation devices (PFDs) that water rescue teams count on.
Properly sized flotation vests can mean the difference between sinking and keeping a rescue worker’s head above water. Those who plan to do any kind of work on these teams need to have ones that are in good shape and can save lives.
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Universal Rescue Swimmer Vest

Universal Rescue Swimmer Vest
Rescue swimmers have to emphasize performance, so they need a performance-driven vest that still complies with relevant regulations. This was initially called the first rescue swimmer vest that was able to combine compliance with rules and performance into one tactical piece of equipment. Engineers from Mustang Survival focused on both foam and inflatable flotation and combined these two technologies into one piece when designing this particular style of vest.
Anyone that needs to take quick action to swim and rescue individuals that are sinking or in any other sort of immediate danger in water may find the design more conducive to their efforts than traditional vests.

Swift Water Rescue VestsSwift Water Rescue Vests

With a Type V SAR PDF, swift water rescue vests offer higher buoyancy than you might expect. They were designed with ongoing feedback from the water rescue community to meet the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needs of those professionals who are trained to go up against swifter, white waters.
Since these conditions might make it difficult for rescue crews to be spotted, each features fluorescent, yellow-green markings. This, along with some extreme color gradients, helps to make rescue teams stand out even when it’s hard to pick anything out of muddy and swiftly moving waters around them.
Scientific testing conducted by Mustang Survival has helped to demonstrate the utility of the fluorescent, block color patterns. A strong point in favor of this vest is the dual features of the foam and inflation for flotation, which keeps it comfortably slim and lightweight.

Near Shore Rescue Vests

Near Shore Rescue Vests
Rescue teams often need compact and lightweight solutions that can still hold them above water. Near shore-based water rescue vests can still provide plenty of buoyancy to the wearer in spite of being so light. While it might look like the amount of weight that they can hold up isn’t sufficient, there’s no reason that PFDs have to hold up more than a rescue worker’s head and a bit of the body around it. As long as this is held up, the possibility of drowning is greatly reduced. They’re comfortable enough to wear continuously and offer areas to store invaluable tools, like knives and scissors.

Auto Hydrostatic Inflatable Vest

Auto Hydrostatic Inflatable Vest
If you need extra buoyancy that can deploy itself, then you might want to look into auto hydrostatic inflatable vest technology. LIFT and HIT equipment from Mustang Survival is designed to inflate a bladder that can potentially hold quite a bit more weight than a more traditional design could. This low profile vest is comfortable for sailors who need freedom of movement to attend to work on the vessel yet are required to wear a flotation device. Only in the event that they would need to enter the water does the bladder need to be inflated to achieve more buoyancy.

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