Hand and Arm Protection For Hazardous Waste Operations

Hazardous waste operations require crew teams to handle toxic liquids, solids and other dangerous substances. Proper hand and arm protection is essential to crew safety.

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Safeware Inc offers hazardous waste protective gloves that are:

  • Resistant to corrosive chemicals, fluids, and other substances
  • Tough enough to resist tearing, abrasions, and other damage
  • Easy to dispose of safely

Guard Against Hazardous Oils and Acids with Nitrile Gloves

These flock-lined green Nitrile gloves protect hazardous waste crews from toxins, and they are safe for crew members with latex allergies. These protect against:

  • Chemicals
  • Oils
  • Acids
  • Solvents

And many common hazards associated with waste disposal.

Full PVC Coated Gloves for Extra Hand and Arm Protection in Hazardous Waste Operations

Make sure your team is safe and secure when handling hazardous materials with these extra tough PVC coated smooth gloves with wrist protection. These gloves are made out of tough material to prevent punctures and tearing.

Protect Wrists and Arms with Toxin-Proof Sleeve Guards

Pair up your gloves of choice with 18” long white elastic sleeves for added splash protection. These long guards help keep arms of workers safe while handling hazardous liquids, fluids and soupy solids that can splash up onto arms.

Gloves for Deep Hazardous Liquid Situations and Full-Arm Protection

Sometimes your crew will be faced with a situation that requires them to reach down into deep hazardous liquids. Prepare them to do so safely with  heavy-duty chem-proof gloves with extra-long sleeves. These gloves are Nitrile supported, making them tough to tear and allergy safe.

Super Flexible Gloves for Manual Dexterity when Handling Hazardous Waste

nitrile gloves blue latexThese long flexible gloves are created using a special Nitrile compound that makes them great for guarding against abrasion, punctures, tears, cuts, and snags. They resist a broad range of solvents, and guard against animal fats and other dangerous chemicals. These gloves have shown themselves to be top performers in permeation tests.

Rugged Grip Gloves for Handling Dangerous Chemicals and Substances

 Protective Industrial flexible glovesThese tough, durable gloves feature high-textured grips for added safety when handling a wide range of materials. They’re Nitrile coated, seamless & include a MicroFoam grip on the palm & fingers.

Learn About Protective Gloves for HAZMAT and Waste Disposal Crews with Expert Assistance

Safeware supplies protective gear and equipment that helps keep your team safe through industrial and military grade operations. Our specialists are happy to help you find what you need and offer you advice on appropriate equipment choices and quantities if you call us at 1-800-331-6707.

Tell us about the hazards your team works with, the surrounding environment to help you find safe, weather appropriate gear.

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