Heavy-Duty Rain Suits for Outdoor Construction Workers

Construction workers need heavy-duty rain suits to wear on long, wet shifts. These can help guard against:

  • Hypothermia
  • The risk of colds and pneumonia
  • Inattentiveness due to the cold
  • …and any other hazard related to cold rain

Heavy-Duty Rain Suits in Multiple Cuts for Increased Construction Worker Mobility

Heavy-Duty Rain Suits for Outdoor Construction Workers

Construction workers often need their full range of mobility for reaching overhead or squatting down to lift something. That’s why Safeware Inc. offers heavy-duty three-piece complete rain suits. This suit includes:

  • A jacket with a snap-on front for easy donning even when you’re wearing heavy-duty gloves
  • A detachable draw-string hood to let wearers decide whether or not it works with their hard hat or protective headgear
  • Bib-style pants with two front pockets for small gear and smartphone storage
  • Take-up snaps for the wrists and ankles

All pieces are made out of tough, tear-proof and abrasion resistant .35mm polyester yellow material.

Tell us about your day-to-day operations out in rainy conditions. We’ll help you find something that fit your needs and is within your budget. Contact Safeware Inc online or call us at 1-800-331-6707.

2-Piece Rain Gear Suit for Construction Crews

Keep your construction crews warm and dry with our easy 2-piece rain suit. This outfit features heavy-duty elastic waist pants and an attached hood (which can’t get lost). The jacket has a zipper in the front with a storm front. The pants feature ankle gussets that are expandable to fit over a big range of heavy work-boots. This rain suit is treated for limited flammability in accordance with the ASTM D-6413 test.

Classic Raincoat for Easy Rain Protection for Construction Crews

If you want an easy, one-piece solution for rain protection, these long classic raincoats will do the job. Outdoor construction workers will be able to pull these coats on in a second when rain starts to pour. Their generous size makes them able to work over vests and utility belts for added convenience.

Heavy-Duty, Highly-Visible Rain Protection for Highway Construction Crews

This high-visibility, general-purpose rain jacket is perfect for construction crews working on highways and road jobs. Every time a construction crew does roadwork, there are long hours of directing traffic around the work sight. This reflective, bright green long rain coat will ward off colds, pneumonia, hypothermia and other cold weather hazards during long shifts. This coal features thick strips of silver glass bead tape to reflect moonlight and headlights for night work. There are two thick bands on the body and two on each sleeve for 360° visibility.

Rain-proof Heavy-Duty Overalls for Outdoor Construction Teams

Let your construction team find the raingear that lets them do their jobs with Class E Comfort-Brite overalls. These keep outdoor construction workers warm and dry on the job. They are easy to put on and pull off thanks to their rugged elastic suspenders with quick release buckles. They have silver glass beaded tape on each leg for added reflective protection for work in dark, rainy weather.

Get More Rain Gear with Expert Help from Safeware Inc

Contact Safeware Inc online, where you can supply your construction team with protective equipment for rainy days, or call us at 1-800-331-6707 to speak to our knowledgeable staff. Find our nearest branch to you for more guidance.