The Best Ergonomic Body Armor for Law Enforcement Officers

Law enforcement officers who find themselves in the line of fire need body armor to protect them against the possibility of an armed suspect. Unfortunately, many pieces of body armor aren’t ergonomically designed and can be quite bulky. This can restrict an officer’s level range of movement, which is a problem when dealing with a heated situation.

The best ergonomic body armor designs incorporate a strong level of protection coupled with a degree of comfort. This helps to reduce fatigue while also making it easier to perform necessary duties.

Body Armor Protection Levels

National Institute of Justice (NIJ) 0101.06 is the only nationally recognized standard for body armor worn by corrections officers and law enforcement personnel. NIJ standard equipment is stated to provide a certain level of resistance to ballistic weaponry, like small arms fire as well as protection from cuts and stabs produced by edged weapons. Backface deformation, which is a form of blunt trauma caused by the impact of a projectile against a piece of body armor, is also covered by the standard.

Manufacturers often produce vests that protect against bullets. Some vendors manufacture vests that provide protection against both edged weapons and bullets. These designs are often referred to as “dual-certified vests.” If you’re interested in learning more about what kind of armor is currently on the market, visit Safeware Inc. online today.

Ergonomic Body Armor

Damascus Worldwide Inc. - DAM DFX-2 - Elite hard shell upper body protection

While NIJ 0101.06 standards might extensively discuss protection levels, they don’t have much to say about comfort. Even if there’s no official rules regarding the ergonomics of body armor, there are a few things you may wish to keep in mind when considering different options.

Certain manufacturers have decided to split up their body armor into several different pieces. They market shoulder protectors and pads for joints as well as traditional vests. Other companies concerned with ergonomics have focused heavily on figuring out ways to make body armor cooler for those wearing it. Keeping law enforcement officers cool is one of many concerns that manufacturers have had over the years while developing new types of body armor.

Ergonomic Boots, Gloves, Hand and Arm Protection

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Sometimes the accessories are just as important as the main pieces. With foot ware, gloves, hand and arm protection, there are also a myriad of things to consider with comfort, heat and waterproofing. What kinds of grips will you need in the specific types of operations your police, security or fire fighters perform? Is protection from chemical agents more important or breathability? Some boots have washable insoles that keep the life of your investment longer. There are many details to consider, so don’t hesitate to contact us. We have branches across the US.

Body Armor Size Charts

Proper fit is another important consideration when choosing ergonomic body armor. A majority of manufacturers have vests and other pieces of armor that come in a variety of different sizes. This makes it easier for police departments to have a broad selection for quick access at all times. These sizes roughly correspond to regular clothing sizes, though departments need to also consider the fact that any officer wearing armor also has other clothing and equipment on them.

Body armor manufacturers offer size charts that are designed to match officers with the best possible fit. Height, weight and chest dimensions are all issues when trying to figure out what size someone wears. Size charts take all of these factors into consideration.

Choosing the Best Ergonomic Ballistic Protection

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Anyone who might find themselves in a hot situation needs body armor. Everyone wearing ballistic protection needs to be trained to use and store it properly. When an officer knows what size fits them and what type hinders their motion the least, they’re likely to select the right piece of armor for them. Give Safeware Inc. a call at 1-800-331-6707 or contact us on the Internet for more information on what equipment is needed for situations involving an active aggressor.