Traffic Safety Equipment: 5 Solutions For Potential Hazards

Traffic safety is one of law enforcement’s most important jobs.

Potential hazards include:

  • Inattentive drivers
  • Low-visibility conditions
  • Lack of adequate signage
  • Harsh weather

Safeware is a leading dealer of protective equipment and gear of all kinds for law enforcement teams.

Let’s take a look at some gear that helps law enforcement teams minimize potential traffic hazards.

Barricade Systems: A Solution for Controlling Auto and Pedestrian Traffic

Control auto and pedestrian traffic with a selection of barrier equipment from Safeware. Barriers can be as simple as a line of caution tape, or as big as detour signage.

These barriers are:

  • Highly visible
  • Weather resistant
  • Reflective
  • ..and send a clear message.

Direct pedestrian traffic with cone bars, and guide or block auto traffic with reflective barricades.

Road Safety Equipment: A Solution for Taking Control of Street Hazards

First responders know that some road hazards can be solved with a simple gas funnel for a vehicle that is out of gas, while others will require you to redirect road traffic with highly visible, reflective and weather resistant flags.

Take control of car crashes by immobilizing vehicles with these Urethane Wheel Chocks. They are easy to grab, resistant to oil, which is a common hazard of road accidents, and they come with eyebolts perfect for fitting ropes and chains. Check out the double-sided rubber wheel chock from a Safeware Authorized Supplier as well.

Keep your emergency response team safe at night while they are guiding traffic with flashlight batons. These sturdy batons are weather resistant, highly durable, and useful as flashlights or signals thanks to their red glow.

Warning Cones: Solve Traffic Hazards by Sending a Clear Message

Section off your response or work area with bright orange cones. These cones feature reflective collars so they are visible at night and they’re bright orange so they’re visible at all hours. Also, lime-green cones do the job too.

Control Highway Traffic Hazards with Instantly Recognizable Signage

Mark Highway hazards with these reflective warning triangles that motorists will understand immediately. Use a portable aluminum stand to swap out signs as the situation evolves.

Not all situations are emergencies. Meet all safety standards of highway construction work by posting signage such as the Utility Work Ahead sign from Dicke Safety Products. Note that custom signs are available upon request depending on company and state standards.

Highly Visible Highway Warning Tools for Low-Visibility Conditions

When you are responding to an emergency on the highway in the dead of a winter’s night, you might need highly visible 30-minute road flares. These flairs won’t be missed no matter how bad the weather is. Keep them secure and in place thanks to a helpful wire stand.

Learn More About Minimizing Traffic Hazards with Expert Guidance

Safeware is a leading supplier of equipment for emergency response, law enforcement and healthcare teams. Find your nearest Safeware location or shop online to supply your team with equipment to keep their roads safe, and gain control of hazards quickly.